Help Wanted

Uppercase is experiencing robust growth and we are looking to bring on some staff.  As a start we took a gander at some job descriptions and noted that few employers are looking for Assistants, Managers, VP’s, Supervisors or Directors, but instead Ninjas, Gurus, Sherpas and Evangelists.

Ninjas, we suppose, are quick, agile and cloaked in black.  Gurus, ostensibly, are smart and wise.  Sherpas clearly must be able to carry much weight over long distances.  Presumably these are traveling sales positions for goods like hospital beds and X-ray machines.  Though HR folks might want to take a closer look at the definition of the word lest they face a class action from a cohort of people in Nepal.  Evangelists seems clear enough, people who will promote an app with a religious fervor bordering on rapture.  Are these new job titles different just to be different or is there something more involved?  Doesn’t really matter much.  To us it is another example of the richness of the English language. 

Us?  We’re looking for a Mahavishnu  Bodhisattva who can write well.