King Abdullah Economic City

We just heard a story on NPR about this nascent but growing burg in the desert, King Abdullah Economic City.  In the naming business, this is what we call a descriptive type of name:  This place is a city.  A city that is either a good value or has something to do with the economy - that part's not so clear.  And it honors the King.  Yep, we get it.  

King Abdullah Economic City will never be confused with Charlotte, a word dripping with soft sounds.  Or St. John's Wood which evokes dreamy English days and brave English knights of yore.  Or Abby Road.  Also of yore, come to think of it. Or Corral Gables, a wonderful mix of sea structures and house design.

This is a hard working name, a no nonsense name, an all business name.  There is no room for interpretation here.  We cannot imbue it with our own personal associations. We cannot fill it with ideas or imagine ourselves strolling down a quiet boulevard beneath a canopy of palms.  It tells us, nay orders us to envision undifferentiated gray cubicles, strip malls, concrete edifices and traffic jammed up on the corner of A Street and B Avenue.

I don't know about you, but the Uppercase team is holding its next offsite there.