Samsung announced it is ceasing production of the Galaxy Note 7 phone. 

While we are encouraged by the refreshing lack of witty headlines with various turns of phrase like nova, big bang, exploding stars, black holes and other celestial explosions, there is a serious brand question facing the company beyond the immediate public relations issues.

And that is whether or not to cease production of the brand name “Galaxy.” 

One set of brand mavens will recommend keeping it based on its legacy and equity.  They will quote chapter and verse about how expensive it is to launch and establish a new brand name.

Another set of brand gurus will recommend that the name is too tainted and is better left to die.

There is no best practice path to follow:  Anderson consulting successfully changed to Accenture.  Zenefits, on the other hand, is staying with its brand name asking for forgiveness and hoping Phoenix-like for a second chance.

But we are firmly in the camp of pulling the plug and creating a new brand.  It is simply the path of least resistance.  With a new brand you create the story you want.  With a tainted brand, you have to shift out of reverse, get to neutral and then put it into forward gear.  Too much work.

Why bring something back from the dead when you can have a fresh, clean, sweet-smelling newborn?