One day, when we have time, yeah, right, we are going to investigate who names apples.  The eating kind not the electronic kind.  But in the meantime let us stroll through the orchard and smell the blossoms. 

Apple names have come a long way since Captain Obvious named the Red Delicious.  There’s the Golden Delicious, not quite so literal but obviously carrying positive attributes.  Fuji is a bit mysterious; we don’t really associate Washington State with things Japanese but indeed this line traces its parentage to Japan.

The Granny Smith dates to 1868 proving that even more than 100 years ago marketers recognized the power of an interesting name.  Minnesota introduced the HoneyCrisp proving that if they can’t field a decent pro football team they can name things. And if they ever do, you can celebrate with a Gala. 

There’s the Ambrosia and the Braeburn and the Cosmic Crisp and the Juici and the Kiku and the Pacific Rose and the Smitten and the Sweetie.  And don’t forget Aurora, Autumn Glory, Breeze, Cameo, Jazz, Jonagold, Junami, Kanzi, Lady Alice, Opal, Pinata, Rome, Sonya, and the SweeTango.

We have to hand it to the Apple marketing folks, the ones in Washington State, not Cupertino, for their unbridled creativity.