Bill Foley, the owner of the newest addition to the NHL, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, explained some of his thinking about why he chose the name.  As a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (the Black Knights) the name has personal meaning for him.  And that’s a good thing we guess.  Foley goes on to explain that a knight always advances and never retreats.  And that’s certainly good for a sports team.


He also took personal reasonability for it and that is a good thing.  “If people don’t like the name, then that’s on me,” he said.  The undercurrent of frustration was almost palpable.  It is easy to imagine the endless arguments, both rational and emotional.  It is even easier to hear the hundreds of suggestions from everybody and their brother, “how ‘bout the Las Vegas Stripper’s?  Get it? The strip and show girls!”


At the end of the day, a sports team’s business success is 100% dependent on winning. But you only get one chance to make a first impression so having a cool, buzz-worthy name can go a long way to jump starting any new business. 


We look forward to the horse galloping across the ice between periods.  Will the steed wear ice skates?