Boaty McBoatface is the hands down favorite name for a UK polar research ship as selected by the Internet when the British government agency sought to crowd source a name.  The RRS Boaty McBoatface costs $287 million and will be charged with, among other whimsical projects, studying climate change.


What seemed like a good idea at the time, this disaster in outsourcing joins a long list of well meaning but ultimately stupid attempts to tap nonprofessionals to do a job.


On the upside, the ship now has its fifteen minutes, but the story ultimately trivializes the serious mission of the project.   If the agency was attempting to garner publicity for the boat, it is clear there was no PR professional weighing in with warnings of past disasters.  If the agency was seeking to save money that ship long since sailed with the time and effort invested in undertaking the project and then managing its aftermath.


Truth be told, Uppercase has a warm spot for the name Boaty McBoatface and wish that we could add it to our portfolio. 


But next time we have a legal question, this reminds us to ask an attorney, not the masses.