While the debate sputters along on the Washington football team’s name, it appears that the owners have their blinders on to a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.


It struck us while watching a recent Golden State Warriors game where they were decked out in maybe their fifth different style of uniform.  We puzzled over the sartorial switches until a jock-sniffing retail enthusiast pointed out that every fan in California has to have every jersey ever donned by their team.  A master stroke in branding.


Imagine the revenue streams generated by a new name for the Washington Redskins.  First a mad rush for the old wear.  Add limited editions, last editions, and new versions of every old thing and you have a geyser of money.  Second, traditions be damned, every fan and fan-to-be would line up around the stadium twice to buy the new gear.


When it comes to changing people’s minds, it often is that the only color that matters is green.