Google recently announced the launch of Google Home, its Voice-Activated Home Product, to play in the smart-home space against Amazon Echo among others.

We are biased, and Google Home will no doubt reap billions of dollars, though we can’t help but think they missed just a bit of an opportunity by not creating a name with a chance at panache.

Amazon’s Echo is rich with imagery of speaking and responding, hearing and talking back, repeating and connecting.  And maybe most importantly it captures the wonder and joy that even long past childhood we still get when we shout out to the canyon walls.

Home (like Apple Watch) is descriptive, clear, informative and depends on the parent brand to carry the communication load.  It strikes us that the name Home is consistent with Google’s motto Don’t Be Evil; it is a harmless label. But in being banal, they have turned off a comparatively easy road to creating a strong independent brand.  A brand that encapsulates the value proposition and generates cachet beyond the tangible and intrinsic.

A name will be the most frequently used piece of any marketing communication and can be the most effective form of advertising.  It is worth the time and effort to generate a great one.  Even for the big guys.