If you are one of the two persons who read this blog, first thank you, second, you may have noticed a time gap since the last post.  That’s because my love for banging out bon mots on a keyboard got the best of me and gave me medial epicondylitis.

Better known as Golfer’s Elbow, we prefer the Latin.  Not only does it make us sound smart it feels more an occupational hazard than a recreational one.

Speaking of occupational hazards, the hospital is an especially rich area for naming.  Here I am going under the knife and all I notice is the hand sanitizer, Purelle; the O.R. light, Steris; the surgical tool, Tenex.  Well, it distracted me at any rate.

But I am reminded mostly of the world’s best brand name.  I first encountered it long before I was ever in this game when my newborn son was getting his first little acquaintance with the scalpel.

The device to keep him still during this butchery?  The CircumStraint™