We were reading the dictionary the other day.  Because that’s what we do for fun.  And it was warm and sunny out too.  We lingered on the letter D and it will come as no surprise to those in our business that D is not the greatest letter.  Is it just a coincidence that D is below average, the worst grade you can get?  Even worse than an F because today we embrace failure.  Failure is just one step closer to success.  But a D means you tried, sorta, and couldn’t even manage to be average let alone fail.

So many English words that begin with D are just not positive.  Starting with dabbler – would you hire one? – to damp which is not as good as moist to depress to diffident and don’t even get us started on the dis words.  But when you think all is lost, you come across discovery.  A wonderful dis word that works as a double negative; the un covering of something. But then you’re right back to dysfunctional.  How distressing.

This disturbing drift continues to the end with a number of dy… words which in any configuration of letters that follow is something that if you have, you are not healthy.

Is it also coincidence that of the Fortune 500 company brands (not named after a person, e.g. Dick’s Sporting Goods) only three start with d? 

Well, OK, it probably is.