We are all too rarely presented with a nice gift of reportage of five new brand names and synopses of their value propositions in one place, but we were recently by T Magazine.  So here’s our brief (don't pardon the pun) analysis of these five new brand names in the sustainable lingerie space.


There is no mystery with Pansy. It is what it is; diminutive and either insulting or conversely sly.  Any wearer has to be self-confident to sport this brand. "I just love my Pansies!" 

Brooke There

Powerfully alluring and sexy.  In context, ‘Brooke’ must be the owner’s name and ‘There’ is wonderfully suggestive of promises to come. ‘There,’ of course, being the universally understood replacement for ‘naughty bits’ in shy company.

Botanica Workshop

Descriptively but unimaginatively defines the product.  But we don’t buy products we buy aspirations.  And besides, when you really parse it, Botanica is about growing things and who wants things growing ‘there’?

Sloane & Tate

Two seemingly random surnames that mean something to the owners but probably not the buyers.  Surnames certainly fit the space and can become powerful brands, ala Chanel, Ralph Lauren, et. al., but when the world is your oyster there is nothing moister than an evocative brand name.

The Nude Label

Aka Hit-You-On-the-Head-With-a-Brick brand.  Counterintuitively, this name doesn’t evoke hints of soft, comfortable, wispy garments but instead conjures one of those old timey images of a naked guy wearing a barrel held up by ratty old suspenders.