McDonald's is Not a Kroc

We finally found the time to watch “The Founder” with Michael Keaton reprising his “Pacific Heights” role as McDonald’s putative founder, Ray Kroc.  A terrific movie and two scenes stand out for us name dweebs.  The first shows Keaton as Kroc explaining to the McDonald brothers that what they “never understood” was the power of their brand name. Keaton explains that it was never about the food, the experience or the efficiency it was the name, it was just so all American, so filled with promise. Second, over the closing credits, we see a grainy black and white clip of the real Ray Kroc recalling the real deal, “McDonalds, it’s a typical English-American word. It flows, I like the sound of it. It sounded wholesome, it sounded genuine. I don’t like these gimmicky type names; burger this and burger that names. McDonald’s, it’s gotta nice sounding name to it.”

We agree.