Vanity Fair just published a piece detailing Paul Ryan’s request of the Brander-in-Chief to name the tax bill. Given POTUS’s predilection to brand everything from hotels to steak with his own moniker, it’s a little surprising that his adamant recommendation is The “Cut Cut Cut Act.” Given the likelihood of its failure, maybe not calling it the Trump Tax Act is prescient.  Here’s some of our suggestions:

  • The “On second thought, I really wish I wouldn’t have won this thing act.”
  • The “If the Russians helped Hillary I wouldn’t be in this mess act.”
  • The “Extra special tax break for Special Prosecutors if they’d leave me alone act”
  • The “How pissed will Ivanka be if I fire Jared act?”
  • The “Aliens from Mars just landed in the Arizona desert and this is not an obvious attempt at distraction act.”
  • The “Let them eat Trump branded cake act.”
  • The “Worst 12 months of my life, well except for that time with Marla act.”
  • The “No tax for the rest of your life if you can find dirt on Mueller act.”
  • The “Who knew uranium could be so complicated act?”
  • The “Hillary and Canada there is something there, sad act.”