There is an increasing body of research supporting the idea that pronounceable names produce more positive associations. And while this research addresses people's names, there is no reason one can’t make the leap to brand names. But other than common-sense judgement preferring short to long, we really don’t know if long names are bad per se.

Is Holland better than The Netherlands?  Is America Better than the United States of America? Is Britain better than the United Kingdom?

Is Cadillac preferred to Caddy, Budweiser to Bud, General Motors to GM? It makes for interesting debates among word nerds over a Pinot (or is it a Pinot Noir?) but (as we encourage our clients) there is no single determinate of an extraordinary brand name – it must be evaluated holistically.

Take for example maybe the longest brand on television right now, “The Konica-Minolta BizHub SwingVision Camera,” with which any viewers of golf are quite familiar.  Yep, way long but it rolls of Peter Kostis’s tongue most mellifluously.