I am readying myself for some travel this coming week and my old, pre-wheel Hartman is a badge brand that is just too heavy for these weary shoulders. Hartman is a near-couture brand name that like all surnames takes time to establish itself.  The way, say, Samsonite, does not.

During my search for the quintessential piece of travel gear I came across these brand names.

G-RO offers a rolling bag with large wheels.  A great idea.  It took a while to read G-RO as Gyro, i.e. turning, but got it in context, eventually.  Not a fan of hyphens though; too open to pronunciation issues. Is it Gee Row or Grow, or G hyphen R O?  Geero would be better. Or perhaps Souvlaki?

Away is simply beautiful. Evocative of everything you want travel to be.  Except of course when you are ready to come home.

Fugu?  Fuggaadabout.  Travelmate… hmm I bet the creator of this name makes for lively seatmate conversation.  DUFL, can I buy a vowel please?  Bluesmart picks up on Bluetooth one assumes but conjoined brand names work best when they have some common element.  Bluetooth at least has some rhythm to it.

And then there’s Modobag.  Pretty cool name; descriptive with a hint of mystery.  This is a motorized piece of luggage that you sit on as you travel from gate to gate. But judging from the pictures, it is doomed to suffer from the Segway Syndrome – one looks like a dweeb-nerd-geek-loser scooting around the airport on one of these.

I haven’t bought a piece yet.  Too distracted by the names.