Replacing the existential threat with gallows humor for a moment, the DPRK has won the war of wits with POTUS. Let’s face it, “RocketMan” is nothing but a complement. It suggests rocket scientist and through that anything associated with rockets is generally good, right? Rockets are advanced, technical, fast, cool, and generally capture the public’s imagination. Heck even songs get written about them. The obvious, and more withering, sobriquet would have been “RocketBoy.”  But, I for one am glad that label didn’t get used.

Kim Jung Un's riposte, “Dotard” was undeniably brilliant. Even if you don’t know what it means it looks and sounds like an insult. And because most don’t know what it means, like all great names, it sparked curiosity.

But what is one to expect in a battle of names between “POTUS” and “Supreme Leader?”