Name the Next Generation

It must have been a slow news day when the Times issued a call to those born after 1995 asking them to create a name for their cohort. Though the “Greatest Generation” will be hard to beat and “Baby Boomers” will be tough to match, “GenX,” “Slackers,” and “Millennials” are not very high bars. Here’s our submissions to christen the group ages 22 and younger:

“Good Luck, You’ll Need It”

“Your Boss the Robot”

“Using Social Media, But All Alone”

“Last Gen to see a Polar Bear in the Wild”

“Coders & Everyone Else”

“Why Donald? Dear God, Why?”

“Thanks for Nothing”

“Can’t Write a Sentence, Can Write Code”

“The Tuckits”

“The Sea Wall Builders”

“Shoulda Bought Bitcoin”

“Glad I Didn’t Buy Bitcoin”

“My Grandkids Will Live on Mars, Thanks Secretaries Perry, Zinke and Pruitt”

“Thanks Elon for Getting My Grandkids to Mars”