Somewhere, a Dunkin' is Missing a Donut

What are the pros and cons of a name change? On the plus side there’s excitement, curiosity, a story to tell. On the down side there’s excitement, curiosity and a story to tell. Many marketers just split the difference and keep a foot in the old while taking a step in the new. It’s not a bad call. In DD’s case, they appeared to have generally positive brand awareness but saddled with a name that no longer described who they are or reflected part of the lifestyle of a desired customer base - fewer fatty donuts, more upscale java. Dunkin’ is a safe choice if not inspired. But it does seem an opportunity went missing. You gotta change all the signs anyway so why not craft a new brand and attendant experience that drives foot traffic? You might just sell a few crullers along side a moca-java-frapacafe-amerespresso.