TED should be TWED

   These are fascinating talks to be sure but there is a certain irony to the whole affair.  Maybe TED no longer means Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Maybe like IBM, it is just TED. But if TED is still an acronym, it needs, well need may be too strong, but it should be updated to TWED. The talks cover a range of topics but not too much on what is maybe the most powerful topic of all, the Words. Presenters speak to the power of technology, entertainment and design but the real power, the real force, the real launch pad for TED are the words themselves. The speakers have bona fides, they have stage presence but what gets them selected, what allows them to engage their audience is the power of their words. Iā€™d argue it is words and language that not only are the building blocks for technology, entertainment and design, but are the very engine that drives them.  So as awkward as it sounds, let the next talk be a TWED talk.