A Street Car Named Kowalski

Turns out even playwrights struggle with names. They and their producers wrestle with the same issues marketers do: is the name descriptive enough? Is it too descriptive, leaving nothing to the imagination? Is it too opaque? Does it mean something unintended in slang? Is it too long to fit on the marquee?  Can they get the dotcom?  The chief theatre critic at the New York Post has penned a piece describing the challenges of marketing “Kinky Boots,” “Urinetown,” “The New One,” and this gem, “Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties; In Essence, a Queer and Occasionally Hazardous Exploration; Do You Remember When You Were In Middle School and You Read About Shackleton and How He Explored the Antarctic? Imagine the Antarctic as a P____ and It’s Sort of Like That.”

But what hit closest to home for us namers is the closing quote, “when shows (product) becomes a hit (household brand) that means they have great titles (brand names).”