Artificial Intelligence? We Prefer the Real Kind

Sometimes things get named by professional namers and sometimes they don’t. This is most notable in products or services that are not owned by any company but are more or less simply in the public realm either by default or through some consortium.  Take WiFi for example. A coined and trademarked word created by a person specializing in name development.  On the other hand, consider LTE (long term evolution) created by, well no one in particular. One can just imagine its development by a group of tech types who spent maybe three seconds thought on it. Over time LTE like other things works well enough simply by force of use but is the idea of light, less than, as opposed to serious and weighty and important really the image one wants to convey?  We think of this whenever we see Artificial Intelligence. Certainly, this area of the tech sector is not suffering by any means, but with the word artificial having no redeeming qualities whatsoever, it is certainly a poor choice.  

We’d suggest looking to the landscaping field for an idea. Astroturf is a trademarked brand but almost generic now.  The two terms used these days are artificial turf and synthetic turf.  Gimme synthetic turf, a synonym to artificial to be sure but conjuring a more tech, more nuanced feel, any day.  We think Synthetic Intelligence projects a much more positive feel.  And besides, don’t we already have enough artificial intelligence emanating from Washington DC?