A Helluva Hole

Before a black hole was a black hole it was a Light Sucking Gravitational Vortex or so some such astronomical adjective.  The general public didn’t seem to care that much until a very smart person called it a Black Hole which the press relished (no one loves a good bon mot more than a reporter) and the public couldn’t get enough of.  Well, last week we finally got a photograph of the heretofore theoretical thing and as is the perk of the scientist who discovered it they get to name their discovery. She reached out to a professor of Hawaiian languages for a suggestion. With fewer letters than wheels on a semi, what Hawaiian lacks in sounds is more than made up for by an abundance of imagery especially in the natural world.  The professor offered Pōwehi, and according to the NYT. “The word is derived from the Kumulipo, a centuries-old Hawaiian creation chant of 2,102 lines, and it means “the adorned fathomless dark creation.” It stems from “pō,” which means powerful, unfathomable and ceaseless creation, and “wehi,” an honorific befitting someone who would wear a crown, Professor Kimura said in an interview on Friday.”

Sounds like a perfect fit to us!