HD 17156B or Sauron?

We are not big on crowdsourcing names. Besides the obvious reason, so obvious we needn’t state it here, you end up with a name that represents the lowest common consensus. Creating a brand name isn’t rocket science but like say surgery, it is best left to practicing professionals. However, when there is the opportunity to name things that total more than every individual grain of sand on earth, i.e. stars, planets and exoplanets, then, maybe, perhaps, enlisting some help might be in order. And so the International Astronomical Union is celebrating its 100th birthday by inviting the world to name all sorts of astronomical orbs and orboids. We can get behind this kind of crowd sourcing. Here it is less about the names and more about raising awareness in the IAU. But keep it on the downlow.  A certain someone might want to withdraw his country from this multilateral organization.