Chaos Theory

In a recent op-ed about the chaos of the current state of the technology business, Kara Swisher called out AWS’s facial recognition software as emblematic. Additionally, she feels that Rekognition is perhaps one of the creepiest names you could give surveillance software and we agree. But not for the same reasons. As naming purists who take pride in our craft we abhor substituting “k” for “c.” It is the laziest and least creative approach to naming we know of. But on a strategic level, AWS would have or should have known that this product would face public scrutiny and therefore we would have advised them to name it something more diverting, more benefit oriented, or at least more benign. Yes, of course, the product is the same but just imagine, if you will, if it was named something like CrimeSolver or StreetSafe, you would have at least avoided Ms. Swisher’s wrath.