New Names Modernize Old Ideas

Actions speak louder than words of course so upon first blush it might seem silly and maybe a little deceptive that a developer (those vilified builders of tract housing and McMansions) is not calling himself a developer but a “Neighboring startup” and his tenants are not tenants but “Members.” But this guy, whose name is “Or Bokobza” by the way (so he knows a little something about letters, sounds and words) is leveraging something smart marketers and orators know, that actions begin with words.

And there are no more action inducing words than names.

In reframing the conversation by giving new words, that is, names, to old concepts and things, branders (and developers, for that matter) jump start the process of persuading people by encouraging them to look at things in new ways. A new way is best done with a new name. Indeed, it is, if not the first step, among the first. Renaming is not only useful for commercial purposes. Non-profits and others doing admirable social work do this sometimes and should it more. We have previously written of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A yawner. Call it the Horrible Monstrosity Garbage Colossus and it’s hard to ignore. Consider Global Warming, now referred to as Climate Change. Both are not being addressed with the alacrity the situation requires. But call it, and I am just spit balling here, Climate Volatility, or Global Melt Down, or Weather Induced Economic Catastrophe and, well, you catch my meaning… I hope.