Uppercase specializes in name development but also delivers a suite of brand identity services.  

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Uppercase Branding is a creative powerhouse in name development. We create names of extraordinary potential. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Nokia, FedEx and General Electric, and start-ups across every business sector. Visit some of our work here.

Brand Identity

Our name development process requires us to understand and distill the vision for your brand into a moniker that resonates with the intended audience. This deep dive perfectly positions us to create or improve your brand identity. Whether you need a new identity from the get-go, a tweak or a complete refresh our network of experts can help you with slogans, taglines, descriptors, social media presence, packaging, logo, graphic design, style-guides, signage, web design, etc.

Brand Architecture and Taxonomy

Most companies don’t start out with well-formed architectural visions of a branded house or a house of brands. But at some point, through growth and/or acquisition, they find themselves with disparate but valuable ideas, offerings, products, iterations, generations and brands that are unwieldy to manage and, more importantly, may be missing value-added opportunities for sales growth. Effectively and efficiently, Uppercase will analyze your company’s roster of products and brands and recommend cost-effective brand architecture systems with the aim of optimizing your internal framework and maximizing value for the consumer and your company.

Consumer Research

Uppercase takes a pragmatic approach to consumer research navigating a middle road between two extremes. One extreme was best expressed by Steve Jobs who exclaimed that the consumer doesn’t know what they want, that’s our job. A less strident version of this is that experienced professionals know better than an 18-34 year-old homemaker with some college from Fort Lee, NJ making judgements in a fabricated setting. At the other extreme is using consumer research as the final arbiter of decision making, a simple beauty contest among multiple alternatives.

Instead, Uppercase designs unique and proprietary research methodologies that go beneath the surface. So in lieu of simple rank ordering of any given set of concepts we provide decision makers with a deeper understanding of the potential of the ideas. Our research is less about likes and more about insight.

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